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Elite Firearms Training

South Florida’s Premiere Firearms Training Experts

Firearms Instruction for All Levels of Shooters

introduction to handguns

Intro to Firearms

Learn the basics and qualify for your concealed weapons permit.

Advanced Shooting Skills

Move, shoot and communicate in advanced drill scenarios.

Rifle Shooting Skills

Learn basic rifle marksmanship in a personalized setting.

Firearms Safety & Skill

If you are going to have firearms in your home, your whole family should be included in the discussion. Our team of experienced firearms trainers provide a safe and fun environment for learning firearms safety, shooting skills and engagement tactics. As certified NRA Range Officers and operators of a licensed FFL Manufacturer, we provide insight for shoots at all levels of experience.

Elite Firearms Training offers custom training classes for classroom and shooting instruction. Our classes are also available upon request as individualized instruction sessions for one-on-one firearms training. Learn the basics, or improve your engagement skills through our advanced classes. If you are not sure which classes are right for you, please call us and we can help you customize the experience.

Practice Makes Perfect

Every shooter has room for improvement
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