Back in the swamps of northern Arkansas, yes I said swamps, is a little known Military Training Facility called DARC(pronounced Dar-see). This was the venue for 2017 Rangemaster Tactical Conference. Hundreds of attendees ranging from beginning shooters, competition shooters, law enforcement personnel, military personnel, professional trainers and attorneys were present. Classes were conducted over a 3 day period and included top tier instructors such as Tom Givens, Chuck Haggard, Greg Ellifritz, John Farnam, John Murphy, Massad Ayoob, Lee Weems, John Hearne, Fletch Fuller, Spencer Keepers, Andrew Branca, Manny Kapelsohn, Craig Douglas and more!!!!

The classes covered everything you can imagine. Tactical Medicine, Legal Use of Self Defense Lectures, Handgun Retention, Defensive Shotgun, Combative Pistol, Bullets in Ballistic Gel, Use of Force, How to Handle Street Encounters and Shoothouse Exercises just to name a few. There was also a pistol match that went on all weekend and had over 200 competitors.

A special note must be made for Tiffany Johnson who worked extremely hard behind the scenes to make this event a huge success. If you want to learn more about all aspects of firearms and training we highly encourage you to attend next year. It is worth every dollar and then some for the education, experience, networking and comradery with like-minded folks. We at Elite Firearms Training will be attending every year from now on for sure!!!