Over the past couple of months this topic has come up in a few of our classes. I guess it’s more of the comments I’ve heard students say other than a topic we are actually discussing. I’m sure some of you instructors out there can relate. “I only carry my gun when……”, “I don’t think I need to carry if I’m just running to the store to grab something real quick”, “It’s so bulky and heavy to wear all day”, my personal favorite “If I know I’m going into a bad neighborhood I’ll strap up”……and so on……..

It would really be a shame to have someone’s ignorance cured by a life threatening act of violence happening to them, assuming they survive the encounter. No one person can predict the future or know when they are going to have a life threatening encounter. Carrying a gun takes a personal commitment and change of lifestyle. Carry a gun or don’t carry a gun but please don’t insult me by thinking that I’m going to believe that you have some supernatural ability to predict when something unthinkable is about to happen.

There are so many options to carry these days. Men and women alike can carry serious pistols in serious gun fight winning calibers in all types of comfortable holsters and clothes. The ultimate decision is yours. Are you willing to change your lifestyle and dress around your firearm? If you aren’t then maybe carrying a gun isn’t for you. Those of us who are serious have had no problem making the change and will prevail when that dark cloud decides to hover over us.